Moving Memphis Forward

Building Momentum

Over $19 billion in development is taking place today in Greater Memphis, and for the first time in decades, more of that is happening inside our city limits than outside of them.

Creating jobs

More than 20,000 more Memphians are working since Jim Strickland took office and unemployment is at a record low. 

Transforming Memphis

Building on Memphis' continuing success as a tourist destination, the State of Tennessee gave us the go-ahead to build a youth sports complex at the Fairgrounds, and soon we'll have a new 27-story Loews Convention Center Hotel scraping our skyline and a remodeled, state-of-the-art Convention Center.

Rebuilding MPD

Implemented an aggressive public safety strategy to rebuild our police department and recruit more police officers. On Strickland’s watch, Memphis has hired 450 new police officers and had its first net gain of officers in seven years. 


Achieved the goal of Universal Pre-K by the year 2020 through a city and county partnership that included no new taxes.

Investing in Our Youth

Increased Summer Youth jobs by 90 percent, made summer and Spring Break camps free, increased youth attendance in library programs by 98 percent, and brought back staffed summer play in city parks.

Fixing Government

Reduced the response rate on 911 calls from 60 seconds to fewer than 8 seconds today, improved trash collection to parts of the city serviced by a private contractor, and created a new city division to focus on improving collection citywide.


Creating Better Core Services

Increased programming at parks, libraries and community centers, doubled street paving, and is continuing to improve the condition of our streets for all users.

Reducing the Homeless Rate

Reduced our homeless population by 19 percent since 2015 and successfully replicated a program in Albuquerque that provides work for the homeless cleaning up the city.     

Minority Spending

Increased the share of contracts with minority and female owned businesses by 67 percent and increased the amount of small-businesses participating from around 100 to over 500 today.

Running a Smart, Efficient Government

Passed 4 balanced city budgets with no tax increase. 

Working with the State

Pushed for stricter sentencing and aggressive prosecution of violent felons.

Turning Around Animal Services

In 2018, Memphis Animal Services reached its goal of processing more than 7,000 adoptions and rescue transfers and ended the year with an all-time high save rate of 88 percent. 

Memphis 3.0

Implemented the first comprehensive plan for Memphis in more than four decades that will direct more investment into our core city and neighborhoods.