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Creating Jobs and Economic Development

Memphis economy has momentum like no time before. 20,000 more Memphians are working since Jim Strickland took office and unemployment is at a near-record low. Businesses want to know they can grow in a city with reliable, responsible government. Jim Strickland is doing that. Some $19 billion in development is happening in Greater Memphis and for the first time in decades, more of that is happening inside our city limits than outside of them. Companies like St. Jude and ServiceMaster are expanding, and some exciting and growing companies including Indigo Ag and are relocating their national headquarters to Memphis.


Universal Pre-K

Through a City and County partnership, Jim Strickland achieved the goal of universal pre-K with no new taxes. Our community has long held a unified desire for high-quality and available pre-Kindergarten for our kids, yet a funding solution has eluded us. In 2018, Jim Strickland unveiled a creative funding plan that put us on path to finally achieving universal pre-K by the year 2020.

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Rebuilding our Police Department

After dramatically reduced recruiting between 2012 and 2015, Jim Strickland implemented an aggressive public safety strategy to rebuild our police department and recruit more police officers. On his watch, Memphis had its first net gain of officers in 7 years. Memphis police force is increasing – with more on the way. And Strickland brought back the PST (Police Service Technicians) program to free up more commissioned officers for the fight against crime.


Investing in our Youth

Jim Strickland has long advocated that we provide programs so our young people will have opportunities and choose the right path in life. His administration has increased Summer Youth jobs by 90 percent, made summer and Spring Break camps free, increased youth attendance in library programs by 98 percent, and brought back staffed summer play in city parks. He is investing more in our youth than ever and recently launched to connect even more young people to opportunity.

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Responsible Budgeting

Running a smart efficient government has always been a priority for Jim Strickland. He is known as a fiscal hawk and it shows in his budget each year. His fourth budget proposal passed the City Council in June, making it the fourth straight year the City Council passed a balanced budget with no raise in taxes. His administration has increased the share of minority business spending by 67 percent and Memphis 3.0 gives Memphis a blueprint for neighborhood centric growth for the first time since 1981.